> Flowering result;
> Why does the LED Spectra Unit as led growlight have a good flowering result where other units don’t?
The handmade LED Spectra Unit has a unique developed LED plan mounted. It contains the 16 self-developed and necesary colors to have a plant growing and flowering mixed together to realize for an uncompleted and prooven end result. Other LED growlights are standard production units, they are cheaper but will give a disappointing result.

> Energy saving;
> Why are LED growlights energysaving?
The LED spectra unit LED plan only contains the colors the plants need for growing and flowering. This results in less need in energy for activating the plantprocesses.

> Fire hazard;
> Is there fire hazard when using LED growlights?
No, LED growlights do not cause fire hazard. The temperatures below the LED Spectra Unit is about 27˚ Celsius. The core of a 600 watt traditional HPS/MH growlight can rise as high as 1000˚Celsius.

> Type difference;
> What is the difference between the type special II and the special III ?
The LED Spectra Unit – special III is built with unique replacable LED modules. This makes it possible for the grower to personalize the LED growlight and adjust it to the needs of the plants. Also this LED growlight does not have any power supllies inside resulting in more lightpower. Example; The type III – professional almost generates the same light power as the type II – 628 special. An additional 40% saving on energy can be realized comparing to the already energy saving type II – 628.

> 600 watt HPS/MH;
> What type of LED Spectra Unit can replace the traditional 600 watt HPS ?
The type III – professional can be used as replacement. This as a result of the high light power and by using only those colors that can be used by the plant for growing and flowering.

> Price;
> Why is the LED Spectra Unit more expensive than other growlights?
This is because the LED Spectra Unit is not a standard production LED unit but a high quality handmade LED growlight. De colors mounted are unique and exclusively used in the LED Spectra Unit.

> Registration;
> European registration, what does it mean?
The LED Spectra Unit is the only LED growlight that is registered in all European countries. We have had our products registers since they are being imitated.

> Sales;
> Do you sell directly to end-users?
No, we only sell our products to companies who are registered at the chamber of commerce. These companies are listed on our website. This is how you can tell you are buying an original LED growlights.

> Grow advice;
> Do you give growadvice?
We design and produce LED grow systems in cooperation with professional growers. Every plant needs is own growing method. The LED Spectra Unit can be used as support growlight or as complete growlight. We advise to ask a specialist. For the starting LED grower we have created a neutral growing schedule, made by a professional grower. It is available on our website.

> Result;
> How do I know that your LED growlights are effective?
We develop growing systems since 2007. When starting this we sold this unit through a regional selling point. From 2008 our products are being sold worldwide and used with success. Various national and international reports show the fabulous growresults.

> Waterproof;
> Are your LED grow units waterproof?
The LED Spectra unit, developed for glasshouses has a waterproof housing. It can be used when growing plants with high humidity needs.

> Imitation;
> How do I recognize an imitation LED Spectra Unit?
The LED Spectra Unit is exclusively sold thought the selling points listed on our website. All other resellers sell imitation units.

> Waranty;
> What warranty do you provide with the LED Spectra Unit I bought?
The warranty we provide is listed on our website. We provide 2 years warranty. One year full warranty and then 2nd year only on parts. The product needs to be shipped with buying receipt to the selling point where it has been bought. After receiving we check the production number with the receipt. Then the product will be inspected for the defect to be technical or a result of wrong usage. We will keep the selling point informed.