The LED Spectra Unit is the best LED grow light in the world!

The unique Dutch developed handmade LED spectrum causes that the plant can develop from a seed to the fruit in the most optimal light conditions.

Our LED spectrum produces only the colors that the plant needs from its natural source, the sun.


LED Grow:

The growth range is composed of 7 different colors which are incorporated in the right proportion and placement into the lighting plan.

LED Flower:

The 9 different flower colors have a unprecedented result!


LED is an electronic light which we can control. The engineers who developed the colors worked with experienced growers in greenhouses.

This cooperation has as result our handmade product range; classic, special and power. There are hundreds of satisfied breeders with exceptionally good breeding results worldwide. The replacement for the traditional grow light;


The root growth is greatly stimulated by the led growth spectrum and the foliage is greener and bigger than under the traditional grow lights.

Thanks to the LED flowering spectrum containing unique designed LED, the weight of the fruit increased massively.

And thanks to our processing plant spotlights LED Spectra DS series, it is now possible to control and support the processes of the plant to.

LED Spectra DS04, the first moon mimic led nightspot


· Why growing and flowering with LED Spectra Unit;

· The best led results for grow and flowering.

· All products are handmade with unique developed Dutch led spectrum

· Energy efficient, saving at least 50%

· Fireproof

· Plug and play

· High fruit yield.

· Easy to transport

· No heat radiation

· 1 year full quaranty, 2e year only spare parts warranty


The brandname and product LED Spectra Unit is registered as LED grow light in all European countries with a unique registration number. We sell our products exclusively through the outlets listed on the site. So you can be sure that you buy a genuine quality product.

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