LED Spectra unit 155 watt special II

The LED Spectra Unit special II is the 2nd generation LED growlight for the professional grower. The original LED Spectra Unit special with European registration now comes provided with SSP and SCP. SSP technology secures an individual signal to each and every single LED mounted in the unit and an optimal functionality. SCP stabilizes the power supplied to the LED mounted in the unit. By using SCP and in event of any power-peak, the LED unit will keep functioning and no partial disfunction will occur. An extra power connection is mounted to the unit to connect an extra unit easily. Only one power connection point and 1 timer is needed. A money saver.

The LED Spectra Unit special II has, just as the successful LED Spectra Unit special a 16 color LED spectrum. The especially for the LED Spectra Unit developed LED’s produce only the colors needed by plants for the plant processes. The LED Spectra Unit special II 348 watt & the 628 watt have 2 switches mounted, One for the grow- and one for the flower led spectrum.

It’s important that the grow spectrum is equally shared over the total spectrum to result in maximum yield. The original LED Spectra Unit special and special II have got 3 grow lines, mounted with multi-grow LED. The grow spectrum is needed for optimal development of seedlings and clones. You will save over 50% extra on energy by switching of the flower led spectrum during the grow phase.

The flower spectrum of the LED Spectra unit is realized by using the unique multi-flower LED including infrared and is also equally shared over the total spectrum of the unit. After the growing period you should switch on the flower spectrum.

When both switches are switched on you are using the complete spectrum. A purple light will cover your vegs or fruits optimal and will bring you incredible yield. Your plants will now receive perfect light and grow to a great end result.

The LED Spectra Unit special II
Available in 155 watt, 348 watt and 628 watt









Multi red, multi blue, white, IR, UV

Led power output



153,1 Watt




Multi spectra / Grow & Flower

Power consumption


~ 171 Watt = Total



Led beam angle

Multi angle 120 / 160


230V / 110V

Lighting area

0.6 m2 > max. 30 m2

Work frequency

50 Hz

Height above plants in

0.45 – 0.65 > max. 3.0 m1

Ventilations fans

3 pieces

Working environment

-20 ~ +40°C

Switch 1 pieces

1 on / of


50,000 hours


1 pcs / carton

Photon flux density

~ 276,84 µmol s/m²

Netto Weight

2,7 KG / pc

Size Unit

440 x 212 x 60

Package weight

3,2 KG / pc




1 year full quaranty, 2e year only spare parts

ECC registration nr:

Dutch Green LEDlights


LED Spectra Unit

Special II