LED Spectra Unit power 1200 watt

For the first time worldwide, in 2009, extraordinary grow results have been achieved by using an LED grow light, with the LED Spectra unit classic, by using the combined LED spectrum with self developed LED colors mounted. This unique LED spectrum activates all plant processes necessary from seedling to the final fruit. After the classic the LED Spectra unit special has been added to the LED Spectra series. The LED Spectra unit special has a LED Spectrum with 16 different LED colors and the LED’s in the flowering spectrum have been upgraded from 1 watt to 3 watt LED’s, working as a flowerbooster. After the success of the special series and the request of many professional growers world-wide, the most power full LED growlight has been developed, the LED Spectra unit 1200 watt power.


The LED Spectra unit power II is the 2nd generation LED growlight with maximum yield for the professional grower. In the unique flower led spectrum some necessary flower colors have been upgraded from 3 to 5 watt LED. The LED Spectra unit power II comes provided with SSP and SCP. SSP technology assures individual steering of every single LED separately. This optimizes the LED and LED driver. SCP assures stability in the power supply to the LED. In case of any power peak, de LED unit will keep working and will not stop partly.

The LED Spectra unit power II, just as the successful series I, has the 16 color LED spectrum. This spectrum only provides colors that are adapted by plants for the various grow processes. 100% PAR. The LED Spectra unit power II has 1 switch mounted, for switching the unit off or on, for letting this unit bring maximum performance without losing energy caused by extra switches.

GROWING SPECTRUM: It’s important that the grow spectrum is equally shared over the total spectrum to result in maximum yield. The grow spectrum is needed for optimal development of seedlings and clones.

FLOWER SPECTRUM: The flower spectrum of the LED Spectra unit is realized by using the unique multi-flower LED including infrared and is also equally shared over the total spectrum of the unit.

GROWING & FLOWERING SPECTRUM: When using the complete spectrum a purple light will cover your vegs or fruits optimal and will bring you incredible yield. Your plants will now receive perfect light and grow to a great end result.








Multi red, multi blue, white, IR, UV

Led power output



901 Watt




Multi spectra / Grow & Flower

Power consumption


~ 953.7 Watt



Led beam angle

Multi angle 120 / 160


230V / 110V

Lighting area

2.0 m2 > max. 60 m2

Work frequency

50 Hz

Height above plants in

0.45 – 0.65 > max. 2.50 m2

Ventilations fans

16 pieces

Working environment

-20 ~ +40°C

Switch 1 pieces

on/off = max. power


50,000 hours


1 pcs / carton

Photon flux density

~ 1621.8 µmol s/m²

Netto Weight

21.5 KG / pc

Size Unit

980 x 350 x 88

Package weight

23.5 KG / pc




1 year full quaranty, 2e year only spare parts

ECC registration nr:

Dutch Green LEDlights


LED Spectra Unit

Power II