Led Spectra Unit Special III – Grow

Since 2007 LED Spectra unit  developed led growlights that stimulate the most important plant processes to have a plant grow and flower. After the success of the special in 2010 the special II had been developed. The special II has 3 watt led to realize a more energy saving growing result. In 2013 the special III has been developed. With the LED Spectra unit special III growers can easily adapt the LED spectrum to the plant.  Especially for germanising seeds until de grow of a full seedling the LED Spectra Unit – type Grow has been developed. This LED grow unit uses various nanometre producing the colour blue. Seeds and seedlings need this colour to achieve the best result. The energy saving LED Grow Unit S assures you to get the maximum result. The results are visible immediately. De seedlings grow bigger and greener



The LED Spectra Unit® special III is a compact led gowlight making it easy to adjust the led spectrum with led modules for the growing process and led modules for the flowering process of the plant. The led modules have been developed for various plant processes.


The energy saving LED Spectra Unit® special III has a 40% higher light power comparing to traditional led growlights. With a lower wattage a higher efficiency can be realized. You can connect multiple units to create a powerful led spectrum.


The LED Spectra Unit® special III is available as; Start, Regular and Professional.

In this the special III – professional can be compared with the special II – 628.

-Plug & Play
-Energy saving
-Fire Save
-Low heating dissipation
-Long Life
-2 year warranty


Item Value
Special III Professional 16 Easy change spectrum modules
Power consumption 50 watt – 90 watt
Voltage 230V / 110V
Work frequency 50 Hz
Ventilations fans 0 pieces
Switch 2 pieces 1 Grow / 1 Grow
Package 1 pcs / carton
Net.Weight 3.1 KG / pc
Gross.Weight 3.5 KG / pc
ECC registration nr:Dutch Green LEDlights 008413932LED Spectra Unit Special III
Color 16 Multi blue, white, UV
Wavelength Multi spectra Grow
Led beam angle Multi angle 120 / 160
Lighting area 0.5 m2 > 50m2
Height above plants 0.45 – 2.0 meters
Working environment -20 ~ +40°C
Lifespan 30,000 hours
Working environment humidity < 90 %
Size 262 x 242 x 82
CEWarranty Yes2 years

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